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Who are our Organization and Community Partners? Emergency housing, Veterans and senior support services, mental health organizations, soup kitchens and shelters are among the community partners working with Support Management Solutions to help give hope to those who need it most.

How it Works:

Organizations are stronger and more effective when they work together. Supporting our partners and collaborating to prevent homelessness and strengthen families is part Support Management Solutions commitment to the communities we serve. 

Promote innovative approaches to a coordinated service delivery system that will bridge the gap between partner organizations so plans can be complete more efficiently.

Participate in family team conferences to contribute to decision-making about the needs, services, and safety plans appropriate to particular families’ circumstances.

Support existing services organizations and case managers with their goals of individual and family stabilization by sharing obtaining and sharing necessary information.

Advocate on behalf of the client Working with landlords, Social Security Administration representatives, and others whose relationships affect the client’s finances.

Provide financial literacy counseling to client groups and support teams.

Allow the Organization to Fund Services until client and family are stable to insure continues housing.

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